Thursday, November 23, 2017

Gosh, there's opportunity banging on the window!

I got an e-mail today telling me that my application for a show at the new Gaynor Library in Selkirk has been successful, for two months next fall.  I received a call for entry, as a member of the gallery in Selkirk, and responded.  I will be displaying with two other artists as there are three distinct display spaces in the gallery, but that's fine!

Spent today working on my hexie work bag and making bookmarks.  I had sent picture to the organizer of the craft sale and she got back to me to tell me that there were three of us wanting to sell bags, and would that be a problem.  NO!  But it made me reconsider depending too much on the bags.  So I've arranged for some grids, and will take a couple of hangings, as well as the round mandalas.  I had planned to make the bookmarks for the gift shop in Selkirk for next February, so had them half done and all of the supplies available.  I got a good start on over 20 of them today.

We had planned a quiet day at home, and haven't left the house.  I knew that I needed to get my brain organised for the craft show, and sure got a good start on it.  Not sure how this evening will play out.  I think I need time to write up a plan for dealing with all of this.  Oh Good!  An opportunity to write up another list!

Knock knock - opportunity here.....

Sounds wonderful Pati, and I am so glad you opened the door to this opportunity. Isn't it a good feeling to accept rather than decline, just because.  Now I hope you have a fun day in spite of what the outcome may be. It's networking at its best.
The neighbour Ruth appeared at the back door yesterday just as I was organizing the groceries from our trip to Huntsville. I couldn't open the door fully because I had all the empty wine boxes and empty white plastic containers piled there to go to the shed. So through a slit in the door we spoke for a bit with me apologizing for not appearing welcoming. Although what would I have done if the door could have been opened ? She wants us to visit this Christmas and "no buts about it". She had asked us to come last year and I never responded to which she commented on...I felt terrible. However, an open invitation to me is not a real invitation eg please come this evening and name a day specifically, rather than say "drop in for a visit sometime".  Her hip replacement surgery is scheduled for Dec 13 so this leaves us little time to "come over" before she becomes incapacitated for a bit. Boy, life can get complicated sometimes.  And then I had to call Mike and Erin to finalize our plans to visit them. Boy, talk about complicated!  All shall be well, I am sure but at the time, I shutter with awkwardness, and I'm always the one having to make the arrangements (and the one to have to decline in regards to the neighbours requests). 
So on with the day ahead.  I love this time in the early morning but it doesn't last long enough haha!  Take care

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Another opportunity taken

Despite my vow to never enter a craft sale again, the opportunity arrived quite out of the blue, and was too good to pass up. This is a home-based sale with vendors carefully selected by the home owner.  An opening came up, and she called and asked if I would join them.  There is no table fee, but rather, I've been asked to pay a very reasonable percentage of my sales, up to a specific maximum amount.  Others have paid this maximum up front, and it is being used to cover the costs of a more professional advertising campaign, mainly on-line.  Since I don't have an on-line presence, I couldn't really contribute to this in any way.  I've also been asked to bring a plate of dainties, so that guests can be offered a small refreshment.  This appears too good to pass up.  It also fits very nicely into my strategy of accepting opportunity when it knocks, rather than ignoring it, as I have so often in the past.

David was in for his one month review of his CPAP usage, today.  The print out of the usage pattern showed a very definite improvement with the new pillow we bought him last week.  So things are going well, although he did change to a different mask, today.

This was our last appointment for awhile, and I think we're both ready for a few quiet days at home.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

It's never a mistake to make the first move

Beth, I'm excited for you.  It's always right to make a move like this, but I sometimes think that we three might have suffered from our mother's reluctance or timidness in social situations.  It's been said that you can never go back, but in this instance I think you're right in your belief that it's the situation you don't want to relive, not the person that you knew within that situation. It sounds as though you're both going to move fairly slowly, and gently feel your way into a new relationship.

re: the wine.  It is a pleasure to be able to look at all that fresh new wine, in the clear bottles and well labelled. So much of "women's work" is un-seen and un-recognized, but you have concrete proof of the results of your labour.  You had mentioned having difficulty getting old labels off your previously used bottles, and David wants to make sure you know about a product called Steri-San (aka "the pink stuff") that he uses.  Soak the bottles in warm water and this for a few minutes and the labels slide off quite nicely.  Then just rinse the bottle.  I have found that this will clean just about any glass item, including my Corningware, quite nicely, without much "elbow grease" at all.

I don't have much to show for my labour over the past week, except a pile of Mastercard receipts.  I have been reluctant to start a new project while waiting for the supplies that have been ordered for my next reliquary.  However, it's now been almost 6 weeks for the yarn, and I received a message that the thread I've been expecting in the mail didn't get processed until last Friday--almost two weeks after I ordered it.  So, I decided to get to work on my hexie work bags.  I don't want to start the larger quilt right now as that will mean a major re-organization of the studio furniture.  The hexies, for the  bags, get machine sewn with the papers in, but then removing the papers means that they get pretty well demolished.  This gave me the pleasurable thought that this must mean that I never have to baste another hexie in this lifetime.

David has now had his CPAP machine for almost 4 weeks.  He's still adjusting to it, but usually gets a respectable amount time with it.  However, last Friday we bought him a new, very good quality pillow, which he used for the first time last night.  It appears to have worked as the machine registered 9 1/2 hours of good usage.
One more hurdle dealt with. Both the doctor and I see positive changes. From another perspective, this means that I have to adjust to the "new" David.  He is getting his sense of humour back, and taking more of an interest in every aspect of our daily lives, so much more discussion leading up to mutual decision-making.  It's good to start to feel that communication, but still an adjustment to accommodate it.

Gosh...mild again

And they call for rain this afternoon.  This is NOT fair at all.  I was all set for Winter and what comes with it - not more melting and water!
The wine was done and now sits majestically on the wine racks nicely capped and labelled. Thank you Beth .....haha! I don't know who is going to drink it, but it is there.
Now here is a little bit of something new for me...For the longest time I have been fussing over the old days and my short time with VON and subsequent lay off.  The Executive Director at the time - the one who hired me - was a nice lady and we connected in many ways as friends with likes of a similar nature. At the time of "restructuring" VON replaced this lady with another ED but held her one by giving her another job within the organization. Then of course, this new ED changed things immediately and I was dismissed.  I do not know what role if any this lady had in the restructuring and changes and maybe it doesn't matter. But Pati when you mentioned reconnecting with an old acquaintance some time back, I started to think again about what if I were to do the same this this lady? You always read that women need to create / sustains their relationships with the "sisterhood" and since I don't really have any relationships to speak of, I thought I better start to create some!  Yesterday I found an old cell phone number of this lady from way back - took an deep breathe, and telephoned her.
She answered and was delighted! We shall start to email for now, and who knows maybe the friendship that was once there may  surface again. But I want nothing of the old job or the old issues I had/ have with it. I am hoping for a new start. So what do you think of this situation.?  Am I heading in the right direction?
Well, on to another day here. Tomorrow I go to the Doctors and our usual weekly trip to Huntsville - I guess I better have a bath tonight haha!  Take care

Monday, November 20, 2017

Wine and other stuff...

After shoveling for a few hours, I spent most of the rest of the day washing wine bottles. Harry decided it was time to bottle so we have three full large white plastic containers sitting on the kitchen floor ready to do today. I had to finish the bottles though before we could move ahead with that next step scheduled for today.
Cathy for me it is always the anticipation that makes any outing exciting and without it, maybe less desirable. Although I have many spontaneous outings which I do not like, I still like the idea to be looking forward to an event. We have heard back from Mike and Erin and they will be going to Toronto for Christmas. So that leaves Harry and I to make plans for ourselves.  Oh, we'll plan a Sat or Sun just before Christmas to go to Mike's but for Christmas Day it looks as if we will register to attend the Dinner at the Legion. We went once before and it was a pleasant day.  I will have to phone today to get our name on the list - it is a popular event here in Sundridge.
Pati, your fridge top vignette looks nice and I can appreciate your fastidious desire to own that lovely piece of pottery and then arrange to your liking.  Imagine, a little pig atop the dish.
Well, many things to do today apparently including shoveling as I did not get it all done yesterday and more snow has fallen since.  I need to decide in my mind just how much I should do this year - no way for me to be as motivated as I have been in previous years to make paths all around the yard, So it will be just shoveled to the important areas such as compost, and bird feeders and of course the driveway but I always have to look to the future and to February when it has to be cleared around the greenhouses - that can be a pain.
So here's to a new week folks - enjoy the winter which is apparently here with a vengeance. Take care

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Chloe’s birthday

Anticipation was a bit more exciting than the visit but it was so good to see them. Chloe sure has an extensive vocabulary, enormous being one of her favourite words. At least in relation to potato chips 😊. We gave her a box of what I call “consumables “. Scissors, craft paper,drawing paper, glue, scented markers, and, of course, play dough. The play dough was the big hit.  She opened each colour but very carefully put it away before opening the next one. I also found some play dough soap. They were going to try it out last night at bath time. Sandi made an Olaf cake out of mini cup cakes. Including the black icing for eyes, buttons and arms. Chloe’s mouth was solid black. Her day care fundraiser was “sunset gourmet” so now I am getting some bbq sauce, sticky monkey bread mix and garlic cheese bread mix. And sandi is “sort of” selling Tupperware so I got a couple of Christmas gifts ordered. And next week is the craft sale here. For the first time in years I am not working 12 hours at it. I have one shift selling tickets from 11 to 12. I’m not sure how I will handle not being totally exhausted all weekend. In fact it is the first time in years that we will have to come back to town for the Santa parade. We have the parade of lights at 6 and I have just made it to the legion I. Time from the sale. This year I will have 6 hours between sale and parade!  I didn’t win the lottery so I am back to work tomorrow (sigh)