Sunday, September 24, 2017


I've just realized that if I don't blog often enough, I lose track of the things that I have wanted to tell you.

We woke up one morning last week (?Tuesday), and noticed that the Juncos were back at the feeder. I love these little, always busy, birds.  They're only here, for about 1 1/2 weeks, twice a year.  they inspired the major piece I currently have in the gallery--"Juncos".  This is the piece on which, the ladies there me convinced to raise the price.

Friday, we cooked a turkey.  It had been in the freezer for quite awhile, and Tuesday, we had bought one in Walmart for $20.00, to replace it.  They were selling turkeys with a set price, for all birds within a set size range.  I never figure that it's worth the money to buy a small turkey--too low a meat to bone ratio.  So we got one  of the larger birds, and now have our Christmas turkey.  Even with buying it at Walmart, I don't think it could be any tougher than the one we ate Friday.

 Awhile back we bought a rotisserie chicken at Costco.  It was wonderful, without tasting of too much salt, and fed us for three days.  We'll certainly do that again, given the opportunity.

Yesterday we drove out to the gallery in Selkirk, to take the purses that are to go into the gift shop there.  My first time with the new system they have for replacing everything in the shop three times a year.  I also took things for my friend Gail, who has been selling there for some time.  She's at a show in Ft. McMurray this weekend, and I hope it goes well, as she has pinned a lot of hope on it.

Anyway, we got as far as Hwy. #59, and discovered that the highway was a parking lot.  So we back-tracked a bit and ended up driving out on Hwy. 204 aka Henderson Highway.  It has to have been a long time since we've driven North on that route and there was a lot I didn't remember, once we got past the Perimeter.  We drove South once last summer, but I was sitting so as to see the river side of the road. The view is very different on the land side, as the river side has houses, but the land side has much more in the way of fields and bush.

Not wanting to attempt to come back on Hwy. 59 for fear that the back-up might have been caused by the construction at #59 and the Perimeter, we came back along Henderson as well, stopping in Lockport for a late lunch.  Normally we eat at the A&W there, but this time David wanted to go to the Half Moon.  Needless to say, the diet was forgotten for long enough to have a hot dog and 1/2 a serving of onion rings.  And they had Diet Dr. Pepper in a bottle!  The food wasn't anything great, and price-y as well, but the place was still quite busy for 2:00 in the afternoon.

At the gallery, it took 15 seconds to officially take in my six purses on one inventory sheet, but Gail had quite a bit in the gallery , that had to be taken out, and just as much to put in--four pages each way.

Last evening, I had hoped to do some beading, but got caught up in the opening ceremonies of the Invictus Games--all 2 1/2 hours of it.  I hope you both caught, at least, some of it.  Very moving and inspirational stories.  Definitely time well spent. 

Today I still have that beading waiting for me, but we've also planned to start a batch of wine for Christmas.  Yep, it's getting to be that time again.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Wow...time sure flies when you are having fun....

...NOT!!  Time to write a few words so you know I am still about....haha!  Those Google cartoons for special events are really creative and I love to see them pop up.
Got some wash on, and about to tidy a bit although that in itself is a real challenge. The dehydrator is going full blast and with all the assorted equipment for blending to powder etc, the kitchen is sort of not accessible right now. Harry is off to the Auction barn in Powassan where he will bring home some more purchases - apparently includes a cabinet record player which means the one we currently have sitting in the middle of the dining room will have to be moved down to the storage shed? 
Outside work is taking precedence lately and I actually got some more painting done yesterday - slow but sure this d... fence will get painted.  Bailey dog takes a lot of time - needs attention and since he is really just a pup, i give it play time and walks etc. The Tigger cat of mine has attached itself to Bailey and are best buddies now - good - I'm glad that happened.  And this little chick budgie is growing very fast - now at the bottom of the cage and although parents are still feeding it , the chick is pecking pellets off the bottom and running all over and trying to climb the rungs of the cage.  It is 5 weeks today and according to the literature, by 6 weeks should be able to be transferred to it's own cage, but again, all of this takes a lot of time to manage.
Seem to be really bothered with exacerbation of arthritis in hands - all the scraping and painting I expect and low and behold, this week I experienced great pain from varicose veins again from the positions of going up and down trying to do the fence. Life sucks...
Well, hoping your weekend will be exciting - what's up?? Take care

Friday, September 22, 2017


Did everyone notice the tea drinking mouse on the Google home page today?

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Today's adventure

While the very busy days of the last week are done, today we both had appointments at the dentist.  I was just in for a cleaning, but David is having a couple of problems.  It's been quite awhile since he's been, but the cleaning went well,he has another appointment to fix the original problem.  Glad that's just  about over with.

No, I didn't go to the meeting, so, unless they read my blog the other ladies haven't seen the piece.  But a compromise was reached on the problem we had, that's acceptable to me.  One more small piece to finish for the show, and then I will be able to move on to other things.  We have nothing scheduled until next Sunday, and that is just a quick trip out to Selkirk to deliver a couple of things to the gift shop in the gallery there.

The other news is that David has an appointment at the Sleep Apnea Clinic.  This has been a long time coming, and we're really hoping that there will be a quick resolution to the issue that has been a sore point since last fall.

This computer is doing some very strange things and I can't seem to sort them out, so I'll close and re-boot.

Jokes on me....

Now that I have seen your Future Perspectives (on Mouse Factory Blog) my comment about the "candles" with your previous sneak peek now turns out to be the rays of the sun. Gorgeous work Pati, and the detailed quilting is a testament to your expertise and patience in execution. This is a real beauty and you should be very proud. Did your ladies see it last night, and make comment?  
The leaves are turning quickly and also falling to the ground in great piles. I haven't done any raking yet, nor even cut the grass lately. Driving along the highway really shows the dramatic colours - quite a site - I can see why some take bus tours into our area just to see this Fall phenomenon. I had to drive around the lake this morning to the Log Cabin to visit and buy some fruit. The lady called yesterday to say she was up from the south for the week.  She also gave me a beautiful Tabi sweater in Fall colours and motifs, and a red fleece vest. She is cleaning up her house in Beamsville with intent to sell the house and move totally to the Log Cabin and had some clothes to get rid of. She thought of me for the sweater because it has two red cardinals on it and she knows how much I love red cardinals. She is a nice lady and talks constantly moving from one topic to another with ease. Again I seem to be able to follow along the conversation nicely by nodding and grunting appropriately, haha!
Tomorrow I take the car into garage early for oil change - too early to get the tires changed from summer to winter. The alert message came on the screen to tell us Change the Oil. Can't get away with anything hehe
Time for bed and a bit of a read - still struggling through the Elizabeth George novel but at least it is a good story. No word about the Inspector Gamache book yet in my Library - have either of you been able to get your hands on a copy yet?
Take care.

Monday, September 18, 2017

The hard part is over

Tomorrow my Tuesday Stitchery group is meeting here.  I tried to get most of the housework done on Friday, but there are a few puttery things to do today, and tomorrow morning 

I think of Irene Smith a little more often, these days, as one of the retired gentlemen in my art group, who is active in the volunteer center where it's housed, was a prominent detective when the case was active.  It is never spoken of, but whenever I see him, she comes to mind.  I also remember her father coming over to help Mom care for Grandpa Hughes, when he lived with us after his stroke, and his wife, at the time, was unable to look after him.  (Snort!)

Your "spontaneous" day with Mike and Erin falls under the same sort of unexpected pleasure as my shopping trip.  I'm glad you were able to take advantage of the opportunity.  I'm also sure Erin appreciates your flexibility when it comes to scheduling family events.

Well, I've finished my tea. Time to get moving

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Exciting Day

For sure Pati you will be very tired after your volunteer duties have been fulfilled however, by virtue of having satisfied your concerns about pricing your art pieces already, I am sure the entire event will have been a positive experience in many ways?? And you even had your special daily coffee "in hand" to enjoy - that makes it good already, right!
Today was a surprise for us and a departure from the week of scraping and painting the fence which was to be the order of the day for today as well.  Yesterday afternoon Mike and Erin called - in a bit of a quandary trying to organize their schedules and commitments "to please everyone" - they are expected in Toronto next weekend by her family to celebrate her sisters Birthday and her purchase of a new condo. It also is Harry's Birthday next weekend so they wondered if we would like to visit with them this weekend to celebrate. So of course we concurred, and off to Markstay we went early this morning. It was nice for me because there was no time for us to buy and prepare food for a lunch or much of anything so it was a bit of a relief actually.  They had made fresh bread, and had 2 different cold salads and pulled pork in the slow cooker for us to enjoy. And then a layer cake baked and iced for a Birthday dessert.  Nice visit with them as usual, and before I knew it - time to come home - boo hoo!
Tomorrow it is to rain, so no outside work is planned, but the rest of the week is sunny again. Maybe we might actually get the fence finished after all haha!
My friend Janie Marshall called last night from Winnipeg - she is a grandmother now with her only son and his wife having their first child - a boy on Sept 11.  She was overflowing with excitement so I basically just listened and grunted a few times haha! Nice for all of them - the wife's family live in Sask. and had come to Wpg for the event.
On a sadder note, I read the article in the WFP this morning of an update to the murder of Irene Pearson (Smith) in 1979. They call it a mysterious cold case and have few leads but this particular article was the most graphic in details about the murder that I have read on her. I felt compelled to read it in it's entirety, but I was very saddened to have read it as it brought back so many memories. 
And then on the way home in the car today there was a voice mail on my phone from the family of our friend who lives in Ingersoll, On. I called back and spoke with her daughter in law. She died on Friday night. She used to live across the street from us here and was my sitter for the boys when i went back to work. I knew she was ill and has been through a lot in the last few years, and I had spoken last to her in July on her Birthday. Again, saddened by the news.
Bedtime now, and hope to get some rest so I can start the new week refreshed (somewhat haha!)  Take care.