Thursday, February 15, 2018


The re-organization is proving to be a bit of a challenge. We just seem to be pulled in so many different directions.  Slowly but surely, we're getting the "stuff" in the upstairs studio down to the basement, where just as slowly, I'm getting it put away. 

Yesterday, I had arranged to hold a beading class in the living room.  This is the bartered exchange for having my green quilt done by a long armer. I had thought of cancelling it, but decided to go ahead for two reasons.  The actual date had taken forever to coordinate, as there were to have been 2-3 students. And, I didn't like the stress of having that obligation hanging over my head.  As it turned out there were two of them.  A third consideration was that there isn't much that calms me as well as working with fibre and beads.  So in the midst of our chaos, we set up the card table and three chairs and held a class.  Poor David was banished to the computer room.  The class went longer than expected, and supper was later than usual.  About 7:30 we both settled down to veg out, and the phone rang.  " Can you get to St. Boniface hospital for an MRI by 8:30?"  The instructions were to come to "just behind St. Boniface Hospital."  But we found it, and found metered parking at $2.25 per half hour. Between the two of us we put together about $5.00 and hoped for the best. 

We got home about 9:30, and after the stress of the day, we decided it was time for a glass of wine, but only had enough white wine chilled for one serving. So, I decided to try the Elderberry wine that has been sitting on the rack to about  3 years.  Not too bad, but needs a bit of clarifying.  I still enjoyed a good glass of it.

This morning we were up, and out of the house.  With the development of a left facial droop, David's CPAP mask doesn't fit as well.  I had called the company, and they managed to give us an appointment.  They are quite overwhelmed right now as, with changes in government subsidy, their services are no longer covered, and everyone is trying to get in under a March 15th deadline. 

Then it was off to Best Buy again, but with David's computer.  He had lost most of the screens that he's familiar with and was having a devil of a time getting around on it.  Turned out the machine was in tablet mode, and easily fixed.

The last thing on the list was a trip to the pharmacy to pick up medication the doctor had ordered when we saw him on Monday.  Turned out that they didn't fill David's prescription, for a Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory, for his sore thumb, as it was contra-indicated for someone on his dose of Elequis.  

Now at home, we plan to spend the day vegging out and watching the Olympics.  We've earned it.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Day of love?

Just loved the Google Doodle this morning not only carrying on their Snow Games theme, but also celebrating Valentines Day It was beautiful and filled me with wonderful feelings to start my day.
I hope that you were both able to see it also.
I wait here with the weather changing drastically again with rain coming Thursday. This is really nice if other conditions were congruent but with piles of snow and greenhouses needing attention it is not really welcome especially since it will be a day or two in length and then back to cold. Ugh...
I ordered a shelving unit from the Hardware yesterday - if I am to try to organize then I must have some idea of what to do. The idea here is to have a place to put things as I consider the basement mess.I hope to be successful in my push to take action. Wish me luck.
Yesterday was Pancake Day preceding today as first day of Lent and true to my nature, I treated myself to some waffles for breakfast ( not pancakes) Nice for a change but too sweet with syrup in light of my attempt to be wise with my nutrition.
Expecting that you folks are watching some of the Olympics on TV I listen to the reports on the CBC radio and the excitement seems to transcend that media as well. 
Take care all...Happy Valentines Day as I send my hugs to you.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Starbucks anyone?

Good to hear about your critique day Pati but not so good to hear about the other issues. Thinking of Dave, and also how he was able to circumvent your electrical issue. 
I am sitting here early sipping on a Starbucks coffee - just had to brag a little! We went to Mike's yesterday and drove into Sudbury to visit the Costco Store. Harry previously got a gift certificate off kijiji towards the purchase of a membership so we decided to try it. There is a store just opened in Orillia about 1 1/2 hours south of here and of course one in Sudbury.  Mike found a big bag of Starbucks Pikes Place whole beans and asked if I wanted to share it (knowing how much I like to make bean coffee same as him). So I brought a zip lock bag home and just now made a pot in the Bodum. It is very tasty, I must say!
This morning it is snow shoveling for me - another storm came through yesterday ( bad drive home from Mike's) so it it piled high. I'll wait until the snow plow goes by and then get at it. Also yesterday the car gave a warning message that it was time for an oil change. Checking the menu on the dash it indicated we were down to 5 % which did not seem right but nevertheless I shall call for an appointment this morning.  And I expect that more greenhouse work is in store.
We have one new budgie chick hatched - there are more eggs but never know if they will all be fertile and hatch.
Well, here's to another week. See that there is a weather warning in Man for cold temps and I sure hope that will not move here anytime soon. I can't imagine more cold nights and trying to keep the greenhouse warm.  I received a message from my friend Sue about getting together for our annual Spring luncheon together, I can look forward to that and this may distract me from the current conditions haha   Take care

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Ya' gotta laugh

Went to the critique session Saturday, with my friend, Gail. ( I always describe her that way to differentiate from David's sister, Gail)  There was little actual critique involved.  The moderator gave us a bit of her background, and her degree as an art historian.  She had been provided with the little statements each of us had provided as part of signing up, and had prepared a set of specific questions for each of the six items to be discussed.  We had also been warned that we would have to verbally introduce our pieces to the audience ( there were about 8 people in total there.)  After our introduction the event was more of a give and take discussion than critique, with the moderator using her questions as cues to further discussion.  Each person ended up getting about 20 minutes of fame. In the end we had all gained a great deal of understanding of each others motivation, the techniques each of us tends to use, and our working systems, and routines.  There was a lot of similarity in those areas, despite the variation in our mediums.  There were two potters, a hand needle felter who makes wonderful miniature heads, a one of a kind book maker, a glass worker, and myself, the fibre artists.  The glass maker was the lady who gifted me all  the fused glass cabochons several years ago.  The ones I still use.  It was great to get in touch with her again, and to find that Gail was a mutual friend.

Unfortunately, when I got home, David was not well, and I took him into emergency.  It appears that he might have had a small stroke.  He recovered fairly quickly, and we were home by about 8:00.  He was okay today, but has been left with a bit of a left facial droop, and some times slurs his words a bit.  We see our doctor tomorrow, and should find out more then.

  My computer had been giving me grief, and had been taken into the Geek Squad Friday.  It had been arranged that it be sent away to diagnosis, and possible hard drive replacement, but Saturday afternoon David got a call saying it was ready to come home.  It was too late to go Saturday, after we got home from the hospital, but when we tried to check for mail, and maybe blog,  we discovered that we had no power in our computer room!  I've arranged to get an electrician in, maybe tomorrow.  However, David had other ideas, and after we picked my computer up this afternoon, he jury-rigged a system using extension cords, so that we got both computers plugged in, and hooked up to the internet.  We had stopped for coffee on the way home, and I had taken mine into Starbucks to see if I could check the e-mail on their WIFI.  A couple of ladies helped me get set up, and what they taught me allowed me to re-access our home WIFI sytem.  

A strange day all around.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Let the games begin..

From today on, the news will be full of all the Olympic events - and I see Google has their own "Doodle Games" started. I was interested in the curling and see Canada is 3-1 in the mixed doubles already so hope they can carry on to success.
Snow again but surely the skies have given up all they have and before long it will be clear sailing. The little greenhouse is churning away with two heaters in and maintaining heat best it can. Already we have kale up and tomatoes starting to pop out of the soil. I don't quite know what we shall do for heat when Harry decides to start up the big greenhouse. I only have two outlets from the house to outside (through windows) and he is using the two I have for the one greenhouse ? don't know- time will tell?
Going to Huntsville today - our days for traveling are all mixed up from the usual pattern but maybe that breaks the monotony of "same same"? They have reopened the ReStore in Huntsville at a new location and the store itself is much cleaner and nicer than the previous dungeon which I did not like.  And word is that Fabricland is going to relocate into this same area but maybe today I can see if that will be true. It is at the Mall and all snuggled into the previous Zellers store that closed a few years back. They broke the huge empty area into different sized store space.
So Pati I commend you for your thoughts related to this new lifelong regime of yours. I bought the first Dr Phil "diet" book the other day at Value Village so now have the three - the 20/20 is still the best reference for me but I like to read the encouraging words that he writes in his commentaries throughout these books.
Happy weekend to you all,  Will be thinking of you Pati on Saturday, And Cathy what are you up to?  Take care

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


We did go to see Jumanji last night.  I've been thinking about how I would describe it.  The word "gentle" springs to mind, but that  isn't quite right for a movie where one character's strongest strength is in "Fight Dancing", and that's one of the women!  I do want to say that there was a depth in the characters that one doesn't usually find in a Duane Johnson action movie.  I also gained a lot of respect for the actor Jack Black, who, as a middle aged man in life, played a teen age girl.  The scene where the other men tried to show him/her, as a girl in a man's body, how to urinate in the bush, was priceless.  The line where he/she says "Oh that is so much easier", comparing it to what she normally goes through, said all that need to be said in the scene. 

It's coming up on two years since I started my new eating regime, (March 1st) and this morning I made a decision.  I don't think, that really, in my heart, I've accepted this as a totally new lifestyle.  I need to start thinking of it as a new lifestyle, rather than something I go through on the way to somewhere else.  As well, a lot of it has become too routine, and I'm not thinking when I plan meals, but rather acting out of habit.  Over breakfast, I finally read the chapter in the book on maintenance.  I have deliberately not read this before.  This step will mean taking a different approach to meal planning, and being forced to think more about what I eat.  One thing he stresses when moving into maintenance, is to continue monitoring weight and body measurements, as a means of monitoring the success of the maintenance--which should continue for the rest of your life.

Back to the "salt mine" this morning.  I started and then gave up on making a blue hexie bag. It just didn't "sing" to me, but I have started a black, grey and pink one that I think I like much better.
We have scheduled a date for me to teach the beading class to two ladies.  This is in payment for the long arm quilting of my green quilt, last fall. Since I want a couple of my older hangings to use as teaching samples, this means that I have to start going through the bundles of hangings, I have stored away, sooner than expected, and may not have the time to fully inventory them.  But I can take pictures and measurements, and that's half the battle.  David has agreed to help me with the first of it today.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Busy busy...

Always so nice for me to sign on and read your messages, and Pati you really had some interesting news to share this time around. 
It will be good for you to have your one on one critique of your art piece, so don't be happy! And be sure to share with your dear sisters.
Enjoyed my tea visit with Daisy and Michelle yesterday and I think it made Daisy's day - at least she was joking and laughing and joining in on the conversation which is good. 
More snow so a bit of shoveling this morning and then a major job with the greenhouse - Harry thinks the tarps should come off so the plants get some light during the day so I shall try to devise somehow to take them off (they are really frozen solid) and then put them back on for the night. They really are preserving some of the heat and keeping the inside warm at night. 
Starting to get some of the forms for income taxes in the mail now so I guess that will be the next challenge - thank goodness I take then to an accountant (and pay for that privilege)
I just finished a book Mike gave me for Christmas called Six Degrees of Freedom by Nicolas Dickner (Governor Generals Award winner and Canada Reads winner) Really enjoyable but for sure I must read again because it was full of time line differences which caught my attention too late - I want to read it with fresh eyes now that I know the story.
Time for breakfast - I love getting up early and idling my time away haha! Take care